How to Play TiVo Recordings through Roku with Best Quality

Does anyone know what is the best way to convert a TiVo recording (using TiVo Desktop Plus) made on a Series 2 device (not HD) that will play back on the Roku? Put another way, what is the best conversion format for an original “tivo” file to then play on the Roku? After reading several different posts here I put together a working Read more

Convert and Upload TiVo Files to Facebook

When you got some TiVo files, you may want to transfer the TiVo recordings to computer, send them to your iPad, archive them to DVD or share on website like Facebook. In this article, we will quickly walk you through how to upload TiVo shows to Facebook for sharing widely. Actually, TiVo is an encrypted Read more

Tips for Converting TiVo to WMV Format on Windows

I have my computer networked to my tivo and I want to convert its TiVo files to WMV for playing on my PC. I’ve tried several different methods but they don’t work. I have a season pass to all my favorite shows but can’t play then on my computer. Any tips on doing that? What’s Read more

How to Transfer and Play VOB Files via TiVo device

It’s common for TiVo users to record television programs for viewing at spare time. Well, it’s also available to transfer some media files like MKV to TiVo, MP4, AVI, MOV from PC. However, when transferring VOB files to TiVo, some guys get stuck as the VOB file will not transfer as they expect. Our goal Read more

How to Convert TiVo to AVI without Quality Loss

TiVo is a popular home setup box for recording favorite TV drama programs and movies for later playback. But TiVo files are saved by digital video recorders in their proprietary format with copyright protection, so it’s technically impossible to play recorded TV programs on other players without format conversion. So you may want to convert Read more

How to Convert TiVo to MPEG With Zero Quality Loss

TiVo is a popular home setup box for recording television programs and movies for later playback. However, TiVo recordings are not easy to playback on PC, Mac or other media devices like iPad, iPhone, Andriod, etc. That’s why many people are looking for ways to changet TiVo to other formats for conveniently enjoyment. Chances are, Read more

How to Convert TiVo to MOV With Zero Quality Loss

This tutorial will show you a lossless way to convert TiVo to MOV files for convenient playback on Mac (El Capitan included), iPad, iPod, Apple TV and more. As a digital video recorder, on the birth of TiVo, it becomes the pursuit of more and more people who are getting bored with endless and annoying Read more

Unable to Play TiVo files in Windows Media Player? The Solution

TiVos are great for time-shifting TV shows, but can place-shift them as well! There are some occassions that you want to watch the TiVo files using Windows Media Player. As a matter of fact, it is quite hard to load TiVo videos to Windows Media Player because of format incompatibility. Frankly, there is an easy Read more

How to Convert TiVo Recordings to iPad Air/iPad Mini

Let’s say you’ve recorded many TV shows with TiVo and want to transfer them to your iPad (iPad Air, iPad Mini, the new iPad, iPad 4, etc.) for playback. No matter where you are, whenever it is, just take out the iPad from your handbag and enjoy your favorite TV programs or football matches freely! Read more