Best Software to Convert 4K ProRes to 4K H.264


Got some 4K ProRes files from Blackmagic and I wanna convert the ProRes to H.264 files for easy playback. Found that some common video software can take 4K ProRes to H.264, but I am not seeing anything to keep it 4k. I need to find a solution to convert 4K ProRes to 4K H.264 on Windows or Mac.

Searching high and low, I finally decided on Brorsoft Video Converter for Mac which can help you change 4K ProRes 422, ProRes 4444 to H.264 MP4, H.264 MOV as well as DivX, XviD, MPEG-2, AVI, WMV, FLV, etc. The most important that it allows you to manually adjust encoding settings to customize the output video quality and file size. So that you can keep 4K output easily as you want. In addition, if you want to edit videos, set subtitles, select audio track, add text or image watermark to videos, all these can be easily achieved with this powerful tool. If want to transcode 4K ProRes to 4K H.264 MP4/MOV on Windows, you can turn to the equivalent Windows version Video Converter to finish the task.

How to convert 4K ProRes to 4K H.264 Video easily and quickly

1. Load source 4K Apple ProRes files

Launch the 4K ProRes Video Converter on your Mac, and you can either click “Add” button to import 4K ProRes files, or directly drag and drop the files into this program.

2. Select output format

From the drop-down list of “Format” > “Common Video”, you can select H.264 MP4 as the output format. To keep 4K resolution, please click Settings icon to adjust the video size as original 4K.

3. Start ProRes conversion

After all necessary settings, click the “Convert” icon under the preview window, and the ProRes converter will start transcoding 4K Prores to 4K H.264 MOV/MP4 immediately. Once the conversion finished, get the output files by clicking the Open button. Now you can use your converted 4K ProRes clips anywhere you want.

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