How to Fix iPhone Videos not Working in Sony Vegas

If you want to import some recorded videos from your iPhone to Sony Vegas Pro, you will find it a painful experience to edit the iPhone videos. And you may encounter similar problems quoted below.

Q1: iPhone videos (H.264) not working in Vegas 12
Hey guys, my Vegas 12 doesn’t seem to like QuickTime or particularly videos shot with my iPhone 4S. I can load the H.264 iPhone videos in my timeline and am able to see the thumbnails, but on the timeline or in the trimmer the videos just display as full black. When I play them back I can hear the sound, but there is never any picture. Has anyone else had any problems with editing iPhone videos, or does anyone have any other suggestions?

Edit iPhone 4S videos – getting me crazy
I have shot a few clips with an iPhone 4S. Looked separately, the .MOV files look fine on my PC. However, I can find no way to import them in a VP11 project : after about 15 clips / 2’30 on the timeline, adding other .MOV files lasts for ever, finally leading me to shutdown Vegas without saving the project. I have also tried with VP10, and have the exact same issue.

The iPhone (including iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 4S, etc.) records in MPEG-4 and outputs its files as .MOV files (the container). Files are compressed using the h.264 codec (as opposed to AAC or Xvid and DivX usually found in .AVI containers). So the files you are getting out of iPhone are suited to be delivered as is, which is usually not what you want.

Since both the H.264 codec is a final delivery codec it is not one you want to use for editing. The easy option to open iPhone MOV Videos in Sony Vegas is to convert MOV to Sony Vegas editing-friendly formats. This can be done effortlessly along with some help from a third-party program like Brorsoft Video Converter, a professional and powerful high-quality video converter, player and editor.

If you’re having problems with editing iPhone videos with Sony Vegas Pro 11/12/13 or other versions, chances are you already installed this great utility. If not, download it from here.

How to convert iPhone video to Sony Vegas friendly format

Note: To begin the process, first you need to copy your recorded videos from your iPhone to your PC.

  • Launch Brorsoft Video Converter, drag and drop your iPhone MOV files to program. You can rearrange your media files in the order you want and then merge them into a single one by using “Merge into One File” function.

  • Click the format column to choose output format. For Sony Vegas editing, Adobe Premiere/Sony Vegas > MPEG-2 (*.mpg) is one of the best compatible video formats for you to choose.

  • Tap the Convert button to on the main interface to start transcoding iPhone videos to Sony Vegas.

After a while, your files will be converted into .MPG files ready to be imported into Sony Vegas Pro for editing without problems. You’re done!

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