Edit GoPro Hero6 HEVC in Corel VideoStudio Ultimate


Have some HEVC files from GoPro Heor6, and wanna make some montages out of these GoPro clips. Videostudio Ultimate looks to be in terms of features and learning curve the choice for me. But when I go to open GoPro Hero6 HEVC in Corel VideoStudio Ultimate, it freezes…

Searching the related issues in Google, I got know that Corel VideoStudio Ultimate doesn’t like HEVC from GoPro, although VideoStudio has supported HEVC since X9. That’s at least 2 years of support. To solve this dilemma, you’d better convert GoPro Heor6 video to a different format that Corel VideoStudio Ultimate can use.

How to Convert GoPro Heor6 Video to Corel VideoStudio Ultimate for Editing

Step 1: Download, install and run Brorsoft Video Converter, and then click the “Add” button to load the HEVC .mp4 videos.

The program is an easy-to-use GoPro video converter for you, which can help you change GoPro H.264 or H.265 MP4 into a different format like MPEG-2 with least quality loss. You should then be able to import the new file into Corel VideoStudio with smooth editing without any trouble.

Step 2: Click “Format” bar and choose “Adobe Premiere/Sony Vegas > MPEG-2 (*.mpg)” as output format on the drop-down menu.

Tip: Click the Settings icon to adjust video and audio parameters on the Profile Setting as you need to get the best quality video.

Step 3: Simply click the “Convert” button to start converting and everything else will be automated.

After the conversion is completed, get the resulted files via clicking the Open button and then you can import converted GoPro files to Corel VideoStudio for further editing.

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