Premiere CC-2015.3: Freezes When Importing MTS Media

When Upgrade the Premiere CC to the 2015.3 Version, lots of users reflect that all of the .mts files can not be imported while everything worked fine with CC2015.2. In this case, this article comes out. It divided into 3 Part, you can direct jump to the solution, somehow.

mts to premiere cc 2015.3

Part 1. Freezes When Importing MTS Media

Part 2. Go Back from Premiere Pro 2015.3 to Premiere Pro 2015.2

Part 3. Re-name File Extension or Transcode Files to Supported Format & Codec

Part 1. Freezes When Importing MTS Media

Here list some threads from Adobe forum:

1. After update, no more MTS

I just updated Premiere July 2016 which I’m always reluctant to do due to new bugs, the first thing I noticed was all my MTS files are no longer recognised.  It says media is offline.  Secondly, all my windows icons are now blank.  Thirdly, all my historical menu files are from about 2 years ago, WTF?

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2. video .MTS not known with upload cc2015.3

When I Installed the new CC2015.3, one problem appeared with video AVCHD: they are not recognized and off line. These rushes have extension MTS

I have to find again these media and localised them to the disk, but I lost the sound track!

With CC2015, I don’t have any problem.

Could you help me  please? Did someone meet this trouble?

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3. Can’t import spanned MTS (AVCHD) files in Premiere CC-2015.3

I am trying to import (or open a project containing) long video clips, where the source files are Canon MTS files. They would normally be spanned, and joined in Media Browser. I can import and open a short, 4-minute video clip. But if I try to import files that are part of a 2-hour video, my computer freezes up, to the extent that Task Manager can’t open, and I have to do a forced reboot by holding down the power button.

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4. Premiere Pro freezes when importing MTS media

Last week, I had no problem with this situation. The files are very big, 4 hours of footage and about 20 Gb, no problem with the import and export, not even a lag at the moment of editing.

But for the past 4 days, I’ve had this problem with the same videos, I try to import them by dragging and everything else but my program keeps freezing and then crashing, I doesn’t happen with other video formats, just the MTS I am working with. I have read a bunch of solutions but they don’t work for me. I’ve tried to unistall and install Premiere, but nothing. I think it had to do with the last Adobe Cloud update, but I’m not sure.

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5. After updating to 2015.3, can’t import AVCHD file

I can’t import AVCHD (.mts) files. Yesterday everything worked fine with CC2015.2.

see more at:

6. avchd files won’t import in PP CC 2015.2 on new mac with El capitan

On my former mac I had no issue importing AVCHD files in premiere pro cc 2015.2

Recently, on my new mac with El Capitan, same version of Premiere pro cc; AVCHD won’t import.   Error messages states file format not supported and lists all of the .mts files.  No issue importing .wav files.

I am importing correctly from media browser and the file structure is intact as was written to the media card.

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Part 2. Go Back from Premiere Pro 2015.3 to Premiere Pro 2015.2

If you want to downgrade from Premiere Pro 2015.3 to the previous version i.e., Premiere Pro 2015.2, follow these steps:

1. Open the Creative Cloud desktop application.

2. Click on the Apps tab.

3. Scroll down to the section titled ‘FIND ADDITIONAL APPS’.

4. Click on the ‘All Apps’ drop down menu to the right of the section heading and select ‘VIEW PREVIOUS VERSIONS’.

previous versions

5. Locate Premiere Pro in the list and click on CC (2015) 9.0.

Note that this will install Premiere Pro CC 2015 (9.0) on your computer, not Premiere Pro CC 2015 (9.2).

6. In Premiere Pro, choose Help > Updates….this will update the application to Premiere Pro CC 2015 (9.2), the previous version.

update to 2.15.3

If you need version 9.1 instead, download Premiere Pro CC 2015 (9.1) from the links given below and install it.

Windows / Mac

The step by step guide cite from, I am not sure it will work for all the users. You can try the easier method below.

Part 3. Re-name File Extension or Transcode Files to Supported Format & Codec

Just like rename the files as xxx.mp4, it will be playback well on windows media player, you can change the *.mts files to the Premiere CC supported format such as *.wmv, *.mpg, *.mov. I am also not sure it will work for all the users.

Nevertheless, an all-in-one method can and should exist for every user if you transcode the MTS files to the format and codec to the Premiere CC supported. If transcoder or conversion tool is new to you, and you don’t know which one should you choose, then Brorsoft MTS/M2TS Converter or Video Converter should take into your consideration.

Brorsoft MTS/M2TS Converter is designed to process AVCHD videos from Canon/Sony/Panasonic/JVC cameras. With it you can transcode the MTS files into WMV (VC-1) (*.wmv) / MPEG-2 (*.mpg) for Premiere CC-2015.3 on Windows or MOV (AVC) (*.mov) for Premiere CC-2015.3 on Mac.

Brorsoft Video Converter is a professional and powerful too which has ability to transcode or convert any video and audio files to the compatible one for all your devices and Eidting Program.

As an excellent video converter, Brorsoft MTS/M2TS Converter and Video Converter also allows you to adjust video size, bitrate, frame rate, codec and other video/audio parameters according to your need. It is a perfect combination of video converter and video editor.

Guide: Transocede MTS to Premiere CC-2015.3 Supported Format.

First, download the Brorsoft MTS/M2TS Converter(trail version for Windows) or Video Converter(trail version for Mac) and install, then you can convert the MTS files to WMV (VC-1) (*.wmv) / MPEG-2 (*.mpg) for Premiere CC-2015.3 on Windows.

For Mac users, please download the Mac Trail Version: MTS/M2TS Converter for Mac or Video Converter for Mac and install, then you can MOV (AVC) (*.mov) for Premiere CC-2015.3 on Mac

Step 1. Import source files

Click Add Video button to import source MTS media files.

You can play source files with the built-in player, take screenshots, select and preview subtitles and audio tracks. If you import source video files, you can even add external subtitles for output.


Step 2. Choose output profile

Click Format panel to choose format for output files. You can choose the WMV (VC-1) (*.wmv) / MPEG-2 (*.mpg) for Premiere CC-2015.3 on Windows or MOV (AVC) (*.mov) for Premiere CC-2015.3 on Mac.


Step 3. Specify parameters for output files

Click the settings button next to the Profile frame to specify parameters for output files. You can reset Video Codec, Quality, Video size (choose output video size from provided options, or manually input the size you desire into the box according to your devices or players), Bit Rate, Frame Rate, Aspect ratio, Audio Codec, Audio Quality, Sample rate, Channels, etc.

Step 4. (Optional) Edit video

You can click Edit button to customize output files at your own will. Video editing features provided include: Trim, Crop, Text Watermark, Image/Video Watermark, Effect, and Audio Replace.

Trim: Allowing users to decide where to start and where to end when converting the selected clip, so that unwanted segments will be cut out after conversion.

Crop: Getting rid of the black edges and unwanted area of the image.

Text Watermark: Here, you can create a text watermark to personalize your video. For a text watermark, select the “Enable” box below the preview screen and type whatever text you want in the text watermark area.. You may strikeout, underline and transparent effect for the text. The font, color, size, and style of the text can be adjusted too. Click “Apply to All” to apply the settings to all the videos that are listed in file list.

Image/ Video Watermark: Here, you can import an image or video watermark to personalize your video.
Effect: Customize the output effect. Here, you can adjust brightness, contrast and saturation, apply gray, flip color, invert or Aged film effects and apply a number of deinterlacing options.

Audio Editor: Adding audio to target video file so that you can replace the original audio track with favorite melody.

Step 5. Start conversion

Back to the main interface and click the “Convert” button to convert MTS files to Premiere CC supported format. You can see the converting progress, time, size, etc.


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