Play VOB Files in Windows Media Player on Windows 10

Q: I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and am generally very pleased. However, I had the ability in Windows 7 (using Windows Media Player) to play all my VOB files from my hard drive (backups of all our family’s DVDs). When I go to play those same VOB files in Windows Media Player on Windows 10, nothing happens. I have tried K-Lite, Shark007, and a couple others, but none allow me to play VOB files in Windows Media Player. I very much would like to continue to use WMP. Is there a fix to this problem?

Get frustrated when Windows Media Player won’t open and play your VOB files? Don’t worry. Read this article, you can get a quick and easy solution.

What is a VOB File

A VOB (DVD Video Object) file is a file container format that DVDs use. A VOB file contains the actual movie from a DVD and its audio and streaming data that allows a user to scroll through the video. VOB files are essential to DVDs and can be taken from a disk in order to place a copy of a movie on a user’s computer. In order to do this, the user should simply open a DVD in Windows Explorer rather than play it through a media player. The VOB file will be located in the “Video_TS” folder.

What does a VOB File do?

A VOB file allows a DVD to store and access all of the data necessary to play a movie on a DVD player. VOB files allow a DVD player to locate the video file, audio files, and streaming data required to play a movie and provide the user with the same control he/she would have in a movie that is played on a computer. Because DVDs use VOB files, any device that can access a DVD supports them, including DVD player, PlayStation, and Xbox 360.

How to Open a VOB File

A VOB file can be opened on a computer by playing it with most modern media players. For example, VLC Media Player and Windows Media Player 12 or higher play VOB files. Whereas, more than one guys still experience problems playing a VOB file in WMP.

How to Solve VOB in Windows Media Player issues

If you failed to view VOB in WMP even installed required codecs or upgraded to the latest version, you can convert VOB to WMV, ASF, etc. Windows Media Player formats. (Generally, there is no problem about the WMV and ASF playback in Windows.) You can use Brorsoft Video Converter to convert your VOB videos in Windows (Windows 10 included).

This VOB file converter provides all you need and thus is the ultimate solution to convert VOB video. You can use it to convert VOB to MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV, AVI, M4V, FLV, ASF, MPEG, DivX and hundreds of other formats. Besides converting VOB, it can also convert among other video/audio formats. Not only does it functions as a VOB video converter, but also as a VOB editor that you can use to trim VOB, crop VOB, merge VOB and so forth to personalize and touch up your movies before converting them.

Steps to convert VOB files to Windows Media Player supported format:

1. After downloading, follow the wizard to install and launch the VOB to Windows Media Player Converter. Then load the VOB files you want to convert.

2. Next, choose a video format that is supported by Windows Media Player as the output format. Of course WMV is the best choice. Simply click “Format” > “Common Video” or “HD Video” and select “WMV” from the format list.

3. When all the settings are OK, go back to the main window and click “Convert” to begin converting VOB to WMV for Windows Media Player.

When the conversion is done, click “Open” to locate the converted WMV video files. After that, you can play these converted VOBs in Windows Media Player beautifully.

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