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I have a 45 sec video I edited on Windows Movie Maker. I tried uploading to Facebook, said it doesn’t support that format. Followed suggestions to convert file on WMM, but I don’t get any other options to convert to different format. Have downloaded a couple converters, but they aren’t working either, however none will tell me why they failed!!

Searching high and low, I found more than more guys recommend Brorsoft Video Converter, which is able to convert Windows Movie Maker files to MP4 easily.

This video converter is especially designed for Windows users. With it, you will be able to export and save your video in MP4, a wordwide “must have” format for playback and sharing. Of course, with Brorsoft Video Converter you can also convert any movie source/video clips to other common video formats like MOV, AVI, MKV, WMV, MPG, FLV, etc without quality loss. Follow these simple steps to know how to convert Windows Movie Maker to MP4 for uploading to Facebook.

Convert Windows Movie Maker Files to MP4 for Facebook

Step 1. Save Windows Movie Maker project file as video

Note: Windows Movie Maker project files can’t be opened in any other apps, and this video converter is no exception. Therefore, you need to save Windows Movie Maker files as video files, so you can use your desirable video converter to convert them to other format you like.

Launch Window Movie Maker, open your Windows Movie Maker project file, and then “Save to my computer” to export it as a video file.

2.  Import WMV videos to the program

Launch the Windows Movie Maker to MP4 converter, and you can either click “Add” button to import your videos files, or directly drag and drop the files into this program

3. Choose MP4 as output format. 

Click Format bar and choose H.264 High Profile Video(*.mp4), H.264 Main Profile Video(*.mp4), or H.264 Baseline Profile Video(*.mp4) from “Common Video”.

Tip: If the default settings do not fit you requirement, you can click “Settings” icon to and enter “Profile Settings” panel to adjust video size, bit rate, frame rate, sample rate and audio channels.

4. Convert WMM Video to MP4

After all necessary, hit “Convert” button to start encoding Windows Movie Maker output .wmv videos to .mp4 with the best quality. Now you can upload the new file to Facebook easily(If you don’t know how to upload videos to Facebook, just click here to learn a quick guide).

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    January 25, 2018

    I wanna upload my Windows Movie Maker to Facebook timeline. Check this post and I got the solution.


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