How to Enable iPad Air 2 to Play MKV files

“I have downloaded some movies and anime which are all MKV files, and I have put them on dropbox, I checked my ipad air 2 and none of the files were shown, some pdf files were there but not MKV. I then plugged my ipad air 2 into the laptop and tried to put the mkv movie files from there but when I dragged the file to my ipad like I would normally do with my old android tablet nothing happened. Is there anything I can do which does not involve converting MKV files to MP4?”

In general, iPad Air 2 doesn’t support MKV format files (HD video, 720p/1080p). So in order to play them on iPad Air 2, you will need to convert MKV to iPad Air 2 compatible video formats, or use third-party media players for iPad (the App Store has quite a lot of apps that let you watch MKV video files without any issues). In this article, you’ll learn how to play MKV files on iPad Air 2 using either of these two methods.

Method 1: Convert MKV files to iPad Air 2 friendly formats
Method 2: Playing MKV files with iPad MKV players

Method 1: Convert MKV files to iPad Air 2 friendly formats

First of all, download and install Brorsoft Video Converter ( Video Converter for Mac )

The software is very easy to use and produces excellent results. I’ve had the pleasure of using the program for converting MKV, VOB, TiVo files for my iPad Air 2 these past several months. It works very well and I haven’t really had any problems. Conversion speed seems fine and the videos look good on the iPad. Belows are the simple steps to converting MKV to iPad Air 2.

Step 1. Load MKV files

Install and run this software. Click the “Add Files” button or directly drag-n-drop MKV file to the program.

Step 2. Select the output format

Click the output format dropdown list; you’ll get a lot of choices. For converting MKV to iPad Air, you can select “iPad > iPad Air HD Video (*.mp4)” as output format.

Step 3. Start the conversion process

Hit the “Convert” button. Then this video converter will instantly start the conversion process and the progress bar will show you the remaining time. After several seconds, you’re done!

Method 2: Playing MKV files with iPad MKV players

If don’t want to convert MKV files, you can directly play the files on your iPad Air 2 using the powerful and free third-party media players. Here are the 3 best MKV players for iPad Air 2:

#1. playable

“playable” is a simple and clean. It’s handles mkv formats well but not the HD formats. However, it supports HD for every other format. You can stream and download files without using iTunes through the built-in browser.

Price: Free
Download Playable

#2. 1080 MKV Player

1080 MKV Player iOS App1080 MKV Player is built by the same folks that built “playable”. The app is a larger version of playable where this includes capabilities of playing HD videos in mkv format. The annoying feature is it shows ads on top and bottom of the video which would be distractive. The app is otherwise great, offering similar functionalities as “playable” albeit in HD.

Price: Free
Download 1080 MKV Player

#3. HD Player

HD Player iOS AppWithout going into much specifics, I’d like to tell you that HD Player is the finest out there. Invariably, this should be atop the list but it doesn’t matter. HD Player is a one-stop answer for HD video files in the mkv format and you can transfer files in any manner.

Price: Free
Download HD Player

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